How Counselling and Psychotherapy Works

Helping you to become the best version of yourself

How therapy can help

I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship and how this can in itself enable people to make changes or function as a base upon which various therapeutic tools can be learnt. I see therapy as a special human encounter where many dynamics that people experience in the outside world are similarly re-created. Therefore therapy gives people the chance to explore these dynamics in a way that is safe and they can then utilise their understanding, new learning and insight outside within their day to day relationships.

What to expect in your first session

It is important that we both feel that we can work together, and therefore our first meeting can be our chance to explore this. It is fundamental that you work with someone who is right for you and you feel comfortable with. For this reason you do not need to commit to ongoing therapy when you make your first contact with me. The first session is an assessment, I will be asking you some general questions in order to begin to get an understanding of your problems and also of you as a person, and it is also your chance to get to experience how I work and ask me any questions. If we come to the agreement that we can go ahead with ongoing therapy we can then discuss a therapeutic contract.

Not sure about wanting to book a first session?

If you are searching for the right therapist and are unsure about whether to book a first session, I can offer you a first telephone appointment for 30 minutes free of charge. This can give you the chance to hopefully decide whether you want to book a first appointment with me with no commitment. You do not have to go through the first telephone appointment if you wish to book a first face-to-face session directly.

Longer-Term Counselling

A longer term commitment to therapy offers the opportunity to explore in more depth what may be troubling you. Meeting once weekly at the same time for 50 minutes in a warm, friendly and non-judgemental setting can provide an enriching environment in which to seek change. Taking a relational stance I will be an active role walking by your side while addressing subject matter you wish to bring to the work. If you are unsure what you need or would like at this time, or are uncertain in any way about counselling, these concerns can be discussed at our first session where we can agree what you might like from counselling and how we may work together.

Shorter-Term Counselling

A shorter term commitment can provide the chance to work in a more solution focussed way if there is a particular issue that may be troubling you and is usually around 6 to 12 sessions. Although I prefer to work longer term with clients I do see benefits from shorter term work particularly if you have specific areas that you would like to work on. The therapy takes a more direct and focussed approach. In the first session we will discuss your concerns, needs and what you might like from counselling so that we can agree together how we might work together.

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