Psychotherapy and Counselling Service in London

Educational Talks and Workshops

Helping students to explore their own unique and individual world

Current topics include

  • Behaviour management strategies
  • Trauma-informed school support
  • Students' anxiety and depression
  • Adolescent brain development
  • Educator burnout and stress reduction
  • Mindfulness in school settings
  • Confidentiality in Mental Health 

I offer professional development talksand CPDs to public, private, independent and International schools and colleges.  School talks provide actionable strategies for teachers and students to help mental health and learning needs. These talks are designed for schools working with children post 16  and span a wide range of topics aimed to inspire and inform healthy dialogue about children’s mental health and learning disorders.

I also provide interactive workshops to develop interpersonal skills, such as confidence, communication, self-esteem, resilience and teamwork. My talks and training brings together years of expertise and knowledge in order to provide interactive workshops, activities, support and guidance in areas such as wellbeing development and understanding mental health. Bringing together different skills and methodologies works hand in hand in making a difference to a variety of ages and abilities.

Interactive programmes include 

  • Understanding Emotions Workshop
  • Sexual Boundaries and Consent 
  • Communication Workshop
  • Expressing Appreciation Workshop
  • Transition Workshop
  • Confidence Workshop
  • Relationship Management Workshop
  • Self Esteem Workshop
  • Listening Workshop