Parents and Children

Happiness is having a loving, caring and close-knit family

Your Path Matters family and children workshops aim to enhance the emotional, mental health and wellbeing of parents and children which consequently can improve the relationship between parents and children. Our workshops support family and children to find a healthy way to recognise and communicate their emotions as well as finding different strategies to ask for their needs.

Most families face challenges with their children’s emotional and mental health wellbeing at some stage or another. Some challenges can be short term while others can be ongoing and mean that parents need to develop other parenting techniques. Your Path Matters offers interventions, support, emotional intelligence and mental health awareness workshops for parents and children. This can help to address issues and enable them to work towards a calmer home with more effective parenting.

Asking for help is a strength and often stops problems escalating and getting out of control. Your Path Matters is a home based family support service providing the family with the opportunity to build a confidential and trusting relationship with their children where parents can be honest, identify changes they would like to see in their family to improve relationships. Your Path Matters bespoke packages celebrate the uniqueness of each family dynamic and tailors each workshop to the needs of the family members.

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Your Path Matters Packages

  • The language of emotion for children aged 5- 16

  • Mental Health Hygiene for parents and children 

  • Meeting your needs in a reciprocal relationship 

  • Intergenerational challenges and parenting 

We can help by

  • Offering a non-judgemental perspective on family issues
  • Supporting children to understand their emotions and needs
  • Empowering parents and children to make the best choices for their family
  • Working with the family to implement workable solutions
  • Supporting the parent to change patterns of parenting so they can parent more effectively
  • Signposting to relevant services who can help the parent with practical help or financial support

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